Background Centre for Graduate Studies

In the year, Centre for Graduate Studies (CGS) was known as Postgraduate and Research Program Unit which was formed on 1st April 2003 to conduct and develop the graduate studies programs and at the same time managed research activities through short term research grants.

This unit was then divided into Postgraduate Unit and Research and Development Unit (R&D) where Postgraduate Unit focused only in offering courses and the intake of postgraduate students.  After 6 years, the Postgraduate Unit was upgraded to Centre for Graduate Studies on the January , 1st 200 with a bigger and more important role towards increasing the amount of postgraduate and ensuring the quality of postgraduate studies in UniMAP.


Our Objectives

To increase the postgraduate student intakes to at least 10% of the total UniMAP students.  This will be done through activities / promotions which are intensive , customer friendly and attractive financial assistance.

Increase the number of international postgraduate to at least up to 25% of the sum of the postgraduate student in UniMAP.

Making the postgraduate programs the main field towards enhancing the research and development (R&D) activities by promoting the program base on Research and knowledge guidance.

Building excellence in selected postgraduate programs by improving the skills of the academic staff and creates bond with local and international institutions.

Making UniMAP postgraduate program the number one choice for students through quality development and conducive environment while achieving global recognition

Increase the effectiveness and improving the postgraduate program by introducing a more proactive programs and offering innovative and relevant programs for current and future marketing.