Arrival Information

Getting to Perlis and UniMAP

Arrival by Air

  • UniMAP is located in Kangar and a few other areas surrounding it. Most airlines require connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), therefore you are suggested to make arrangement for connecting flight prior from departure.
  •  There is no direct air route to Kangar, therefore you will have to land at Sultan Abdul Halim Airport, Alor Setar, Kedah. From Alor Setar to Kangar, it will take another 45 minutes travelling by car or taxi.

Arrival by Road

  • You can reach Kangar by car or bus from Kuala Lumpur that takes at most 7 hours journey.

Arrival by Train

  • Alternatively, there is a train services from major cities to the royal town of Arau which is about 20 minutes drive from Kangar.

Arrival by UniMAP

  • International students are advised to inform the Centre for Graduate Studies (CGS) of the arrival date and time so that a staff member will be available to attend to you. If you arrive after office hours or on weekends, you can stay at some hotels in Kangar. The average daily rate for most hotels in Kangar is approximately RM160 or USD 40 with breakfast. In case you need a hotel accommodation during your stay for yourself or for your guests,  the list of the nearby hotels are listed at the back.


Living in Malaysia


  • Bahasa Malaysia is the national language of Malaysia especially in schools and public administration. International students may have to undergo Malay language class to learn more about Malaysian culture.


  • Light clothing is best suited for Malaysia’s equatorial climate. However, international students must obey the University’s dress code especially during lectures, at the library, in examination halls and when dealing with academic matters during office hours. Short pants, sleeveless t-shirt, short skirts and slippers are not allowed.


Money Matters

On Arrival

  • You will need approximately RM600 or USD150 on arrival in Perlis. This is to pay for immigration fees, transportation, meals, personal expense and perhaps accommodation for a certain periods until you have arranged for a proper accommodation. It is advisable to bring some travellers cheques with you in case of emergencies; these can be cashed at the airport bureau de change offices and banks. Banking services are available in Kangar and operating from 9.30 am – 4.00 pm every weekdays.

Living Costs

  • Living in Perlis is cheaper from other major cities in Malaysia. It is generally recommended that international students allow between RM1000 – RM2000 a month for living. (food, clothing, books, and transportation)

*note :  USD 1 = RM 4.10