Postgraduate Administration & Laboratory Activities Fund (PALAF)

 Application Requirement

 All active PhD and MSc student in UniMAP is eligible to apply for maximum of RM150.00 for each semester to fund their administration and laboratory activities.

  1. Funds will be allocated using these criteria:
    1. students with outstanding fees are NOT allowed to apply;
    2. sponsored students also are NOT eligible for this fund if have outstanding fees. 
  2. Funds are not available in terms of cash but can be obtained as financial aid.
  3.  Students may use this financial aid to support their administration and laboratory activities NOT exceeding RM150.00 per semester. Financial aid can be requested to:
    1. purchase of printing materials such as toner, A4 paper and etc., OR;
    2. purchase research materials (consumables).
  4. Remaining or unused funds cannot be brought forward from one semester to another.
  5. Application must be approved by the Supervisor, Dean of the School/Centre/Institute / Cluster Head and Director, Centre for Graduate Studies.
  6. All grouping applications are required to submit their application together with the information of activities and approval by the Supervisor and Dean of School/Centre/Institute / Cluster Head.
  7. Completed application form with relevant documents should be submitted to:


Director, Centre for Graduate Studies, Universiti Malaysia Perlis,

Block A, Taman Pertiwi Indah, Jalan Kangar – Alor Setar, Seriab,

01000, Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia

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