Examples of Full Paper for Conference

1.     Chilling-freezing process development based on ice slurry mixture using regular solution theory. Click Here

2.     Overview of medicinal plants spread and their uses in Asia. Click Here

3.     Partition and Transmission of coded image data using hierarchical QAM over wireless erroneous channel.  Click Here

4.     Probability based method for node selection in MANET.  Click Here

5.     Comparative study of diode clamped multilevel inverter.  Click Here

6.     Current transformer performance with difference total harmonic distortion and secondary burden.  Click Here

7.     Round the speed control motor using the SMS based microcontroller.  Click Here

8.     The implementation of preprocessing data through remote sensing and GIS methods in land suitability and soil compaction studies.  Click Here

9.     The thermal properties of low density polythylene (LDPE)/ palm kernel shells (PKS) composites: Effect of coupling agent.  Click Here

10.  Material and information flow chart (MIFC) mapping for lean manufacturing in the DSSD Assembly line.  Click Here