Health Regulations

• Cholera vaccination is NOT required for travelers entering Malaysia.  Visitors arriving from Yellow Fever Endemic Zones and other affected areas are required to present International Health Certificates showing Yellow Fever vaccination.  This regulation does not apply to children below the age of one.

• Students are required to undergo a medical check-up in their home country.  The report of Health Examination must be submitted to the University’s Health Center for endorsement before registration.

• Medical check-up and chest X-ray accredited government / private hospital.  You are required to bring along your medical check-up and X-ray film upon registering.

• Your registration as student should be verified a Medical Officer that you are qualified in terms of health.

• Please fill up this Medical form attached and submit on registration.

• Medical check-up and chest X-ray will be the property of Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) and you are not entitled to claim back this document.

• If necessary, you will be asked to perform medical check-up at selected hospital chosen by the University after registration.  If this occurs, you may have to bear certain cost that the University will not be obliged.