List of Forms

PIT02 : Referee's Form Download
D_CGS-01 : Discount Tuition Fee Form (Alumni, Non-Alumni & Self Funded)
D_CGS-02 : Discount Tuition Fee Form (Alumni, Non-Alumni & Self Funded)- Starting 2019 Intake
D_CGS-03 : Discount Tuition Fee Form (Alumni, Non-Alumni & Self Funded)- Starting April 2023 Intake Download
Introducer Form Download
Candidature Matters  
PIT04 : Application for Deferment of Study l  Extension of Candidature l Change of Status (FT-PT/PT-FT) Download
PIT05 : Application for Conversion of MSc/PhD to PhD Download
PIT05A : Application for Conversion of MSc to PhD Download
PIT13 : Change of Topic l Change of Research Area l Change of Programme Download 
PIT16 : Change of Address  Download 
PIT19 : Change of Supervisor l Appointment of Supervisor l Removal of Supervisor Download
PIT24 : Application for Official Letter  Download 
Proposal Defence Request Form + Guideline for Proposal Defence Report Download 
HEA-IT20 : Withdrawal Clearance Form Download 
HEA-IT20A : Termination Form Download
HEA-IT06 : Research Methodology Exemption Form Download
PIT30 : Project/Dissertation Title Registration Form (Mixed Mode Programme)  Download 
PIT08 : Laboratory Fee Exemption Application Form during MCO (Research Mode ONLY) Download
HEA-IT19 : Course Withdrawal Form Download
PIT28A : Checklist for Student Registration Download
Medical Check Up Form (Local) Download
Pre-Arrival Medical Screening Form (International Student) Download
Medical Check Up Form (International Student) Download
PIT27 : Deferment of Registration Download
PIT27A : Late Registration Form Download
PIT27B : Re-Registration & Payment of Fee Download
HEA-IT02 : Course Registration Form Download
HEA-IT10 : Form to Drop Course Download
HEA-IT11 : Form to Add Course Download
HEA-IT15A : Application Form for Appeal Against Course Result Download
HEA-IT02C : Additional Semester Course Registration Form Download
Letter of Undertaking Download
Examination & Graduation
PIT07 : Thesis Evaluation Download
PIT12 : Notice for Thesis Submission Download
PIT17B : Similarity Index Form Download
PIT17C : Publication Form Download
PhD Submission by Publication Download
Declaration of Published Paper  PDF WORD
Form Viva-Voce Result Download
Application for Academic Transcript & Graduation Scroll Download
Curriculum Vitae for External Examiners (Template) Download