Publication Requirement for Research Mode

  • Students must publish their research works prior to thesis submission. For MSc. student, the cumulative mark of publication is 5 points while for PhD student is 10 points which consists of types of publication according to the scoring system as given in Table A;

Table A: Scoring system according to types of publication

Types of Publication Impact Factor Point
ISI ≥ 0.50 15
ISI < 0.50 10
Scopus - 8
International (refereed) - 4
Others (refereed) - 2
Scopus - 4
International (refereed) - 2
Others (refereed) - 1
  • These Conditions will be imposed for students who registered from 1 January 2012.
  • The students must become the first author (first author) and address Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) must be included in the research paper (journals and proceedings) received.
  • Centre for Graduate Studies (CGS) will ensure that graduate students in research mode has fulfilled the condition of publication as indicated in “Table A” before submitted eight (8) copies of the thesis for viva voce.
  • Graduate students can apply for not publishing research papers if they can make the justification to state that a research project involving intellectual property, especially for collaborative projects with industry. Students must fill the application form and will be evaluated and approved by a Committee of university intellectual property.

Download Publication Form PIT17C