PhD (Pub)

Admission Requirements

(a) A Master degree in engineering with at least five (5) years experience in related field; OR

(b) A Bachelor degree with at least second class upper (or equivalent) or a CGPA of 3.0 in the field of engineering with at least seven (7) years experience in related field;

(c) A Compilation of five (5) years related research (most recent research);

(d) Applicants must have publications that contribute to the scholarship of knowledge in the field and are acknowledged by academic peers, ie: 

-Minimum of 5 publications (Minimum of 3 impact journal publications with impact factor of 5) in alignment with the theme of the specialization;

(e) An executive summary of the above publications to demonstrate the applicant's contribution to knowledge in the field; and

(f)Curriculum vitae and list of publications.

(g) Applicants must be a Malaysian citizen


Standards PhD By Publication

(a) The candidate must be the first author or corresponding author of each publication;

(b) The candidate must be able to prove the originality of the research and meets the international standards published in journal(s) / conference(s);

(c) The quality of the accumulated must be commensurate with the standards of conventional PhD;

(d) Minimum of 3-impact journal publications with impact factor of 5.


Compilation of Publication

(a) Compilation of publications must contain a minimum number of 5000 words to a maximum of 10,000 words, and contain the following information:

1) Details of each publication;

2) Declaration document affirming the publications belong to the candidate;

3) Prove of the publications are for academic purposes only;

4) The research must be written in Malay or English or translated into Malay or English. Duration of Study Full time: 6 – 24 months Part time: 12 – 36 months


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